Storage: Swarm Magnet should be stored frozen until use. Once placed in a swarm catch box, the lure will last approximately one beekeeping season.

Use: Do not open envelope. Pheromone will diffuse through the plastic vial & the envelope. Attach Swarm Magnet to the inside of a swarm catch box lid with a thumb tack & place at least 30m away from apiary and 1.5-2.0m off the ground for optimal performance.

To comply with the Australian Honeybee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice:

“A hive placed for the purpose of catching bee swarms (a swarm catch box) must only contain foundation. Frames already drawn or that contain brood, honey or pollen are not permitted.”

“A hive placed for the purpose of catching bee swarms (swarm catch box) that is not on the property where the beekeeper normally resides must also be identified with the beekeeper’s name (or company name) and a contact telephone number, in characters at least 25 mm in height.”


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Shipping Weight 0.0010kg
Shipping Width 0.001m
Shipping Height 0.070m
Shipping Length 0.120m
Shipping Cubic 0.000008000m3

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